Kaffi Meny


Speciality coffee supplied from Norwegian roasters Solberg & Hansen, the oldest and the biggest speciality coffee roastery in Norway. Tailored to your every need, whether it be a kick start espresso, a silky smooth latte or an indulgent mocha. We have  the coffee for you. 


Discover our colourful, rainbow range of sweet and spiced hot drinks. Great alternative to coffee with a large array of flavours, from rich milk chocolates to our superfood spicy turmeric latte. You will never get bored with this large and exciting selection!


Even though Solberg & Hansen are known for their excellent coffee, they also have an extensive range of high quality teas. We have chosen a selection of teas which will satisfy any tea lover. Our range covers any of your tea moods, whether you need a calming chamomile, energizing lemon and ginger or delicate and aromatic jasmine. And of course a well-balanced classic black tea. Expect seasonal changes to our tea menu!


When you’re feeling hot, but you still need that caffeine boost, we have something just for you. No matter how you like your coffee; black, white, sweet or even sparkling with added zest – We’ve got you covered.


Our classic milkshakes collection takes  it back to basics. By using high quality ingredients and locally sourced ice cream, you can be sure that our milkshakes are blended to perfection.


This is one for the sweet-toothed. Difficult choices will be made here. With ingredients that combine to tantalize and excite your taste buds. Fruit, chocolate, cookies, salty snacks – there is something for everyone.


If you’re looking for a clean, healthy, flavoursome ice beverage – look no further than our smoothie selection. With combinations that will energize, improve your mood and detox whilst tasting great. Take pleasure in this guilt-free treat.